Flexera provides residential energy planning and installation allowing you to track your investment.



Providing commercial clients with the competitive edge today and a strategic energy budget for the next 20 years.



Flexera provides energy management services and renewables construction to government agencies.

The Flexera Difference

Flexera is committed to engineering your energy future. Rather than focusing on a simple fix, Flexera energy solutions target all of your energy requirements through a process called Certified Energy Planning: Planning, Conservation, Generation, Procurement, and Management.


Consider this, energy prices over the last decade have increased 250% to 400% depending on the form of energy being consumed. The anticipated increases over the next decade would be an additional 400% to 600%. Think about it!  Can you afford it?


At Flexera energy is considered and treated like money. Our Certified Energy Planners help you immediately reduce your energy cost, identify potential energy cost saving initiatives through an on-site Certified Energy Assessment, real-time monitoring tools to track and analyze your investment, high-efficiency lighting solutions that reduce your energy costs, and solar and wind energy generation solutions that create long term stability in your energy cost. It all starts with a Flexera Certified Energy Assessment!


Flexera’s Certified Energy Assessment is the critical first step in the energy planning process. Our trained energy technicians utilize state-of-the-art tools, innovative software and energy efficient practices to identify energy conservation measures required to meet your energy requirements. 


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