For Residential:


American home owners need help. Many of the 130 million homes in this country were built before modern energy and building codes were established. These homes often experience performance problems ranging from high energy consumption to poor thermal comfort. The same applies to many businesses.


The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) is a national standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency retrofit work.  Flexera has achieved our BPI certification as Building Analyst (BA) and Envelope Professional (BE)  which means we are trained and ready to help you increase your comfort and energy efficiency.


Control of your energy costs and be more comfortable.  Even Better - Get Rebates up to $8,250 with  a Flexera Home Energy Management Plan.  Contact us at and see how Flexera can reduce your energy bills. 


How it works:

1.  Flexera assesses your home's energy efficiency with a Flexera home energy assessment

2.  Increase efficiency with home improvements that will lower your energy bills

3.  Get Cash Back - the more energy you save, the higher your rebate - rebates up to $8,250  Details regarding rebates and incentives at: 


For Commercial:

Businesses are always facing the daunting task of reducing operating costs.  Energy use is often one of the highest operating costs for a business and with the national annual energy inflation rate of 10% - 13%, reducing a businesses energy consumption is a significant factor in stabilizing their expenses.


Flexera is a CEM, Certified Energy Manager that can help you meet that need.  As a CEM, Flexera will identify areas of your business that could be more energy efficient by performing an energy assessment.  Flexera also provides stand alone monitoring and control systems that allow you to track and analyze energy use patterns.  The end goal is to reduce your businesses energy costs and track success.


Contact us at and see how Flexera can reduce your energy bills. 

For more information about the value of a CEM, Certified Energy Manager for your business, visit: 


The Flexera Difference:

Flexera has the required knowledge, experience, and certifications necessary to provide energy auditing and maintenance planning for Homeowners and Facility Managers interested in reducing their operating costs associated to energy use.  Below is a list of some of the services Flexera can provide:

Energy Assessment / Audit:

  • Energy survey and analysis: A process of collecting baseline data with computer modeling to determine the actual annual energy consumption of facility or business.
  • Includes performing economic calculations through monitoring/metering/testing to identify actual energy consumption and losses
  • Detailed bill analysis to show the proportionate use of each different energy source when compared to the total energy bill. The total amount puts an upper limit on the amount of money that can be saved.
  • Identifies energy being used, where it goes, and maps out how energy is possibly wasted
  • Considers geographic and weather data to establish average degree days for heating and cooling analysis.
  • Outlines patterns of building use and operating schedules to show energy needs and fluctuations.
  • Establishes the energy index for the facility.

Energy Management Opportunities:

  • Identifies more cost effective ways of using energy
  • Outlines improvements for operational techniques
  • Identifies new equipment, new processes, or new technology for improving energy efficiency
  • Provides an economic analysis on those alternatives and determines which are cost-effective for your business or industry.
  • Outlines potential funding opportunities through state and federal grants, stimulus packages, and tax incentives.

Energy Maintenance Plan:

  • Lists specific recommendations and steps for improvements
  • Outlines more efficient energy processes, operating techniques, and practices including corporate cultural use
  • Outlines priority and timing of improvements to have the highest return on energy efficiency and savings
  • Makes recommendations on:
    • Existing technology use and adjustments to improve efficiency
    • New energy saving technology use and upgrades
    • Potential replacement of old equipment
    • Retrofits and potential products to use
    • Automation controls including sensors and timers
    • Corporate cultural use and best practices for energy reduction
    • Monitoring systems to track progress, identify new opportunities, and maintain power quality

Flexera provides the Mid-Atlantic Region with solar and wind power energy solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, and non-profit entities. We specialize in custom renewable energy system design, installation, and integration. We offer a full range of services from energy auditing and management plans to system financing and Power Purchase Agreements. Flexera operates in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia and most of the Mid-Atlantic Region.